I am Serena Yu, a very responsible and quality-oriented English to Korean translator whose mother tongue is Korean.

My focus is on the medical and game fields, with a strong personal interest and background in both industry. I am studying for my second Bachelor’s degree in Life Science to satisfy my thirst for knowledge and strengthen my career as an medical translator. And as I spend my leisure time playing various games and streaming them – mainly League of Legends and other games on Steam – , I am really familiar with terminology in Games and the words work for Korean players.

Korean is one of the most difficult languages. For that reason, not only ordinary native-speakers of Korean but even professional writers and translators often use improper expressions and make spelling mistakes. I majored in literature, and when I was working at a major bank, one of my duties was writing letters for my boss that would be sent to high-ranking officers or to the entire staff. Thus, I am able to eloquently express the refined words and tones suitable for the Korean business culture, for letters meant for high-ranking clients, or for official documents to be sent to the staff. Of course, I’m also proficient in colloquial expressions that can draw the attention of the younger generation.

This blog is for keeping a translation diary. It will show my capability and interests, and be a base for my career as well as a proof for my steadiness. I believe this blog is also helpful to Korean language learners. Questions and feedback are always welcomed, CV is available upon request.

Hope you enjoy the sweet delicacy of words.



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